Megasquirt 2 v3.0 with Accessories for sale. Prefer to sell as a

MS2 v3.0 -- Configured for 87-93 Ford Mustang (TFI). Has Ford PWM IAC mod kit installed also.

DIYAutoTune DIYBOB for Ford 60 PIN EEC-IV. Started to set up a custom housing for the DIYBOB using an old Ford PCM as a housing. Harness not soldered to DIYBOB. These are no longer available from DIYAutoTune.

Home-Built DB37 test harness. DB37 connector uses solderless connections. Was going to use this to test in car before making a permanent harness. This would have soldered into the DIYBOB PCB. Tape with Numbers identifies which pin inside the DB37 connector the wire connects to.

JimStim v2.0.3 (with AC Adaptor). The Main Injector Pulse LEDs along the edge are broken -- bought it that way and never fixed. However, in the video, when jumpering outputs to the LEDs (as per JimStim documentation) you can see the injector pulses for INJ1 and INJ2. You can see them change with RPM adjustment. You can also see TPS as well. I can provide additional videos if necessary.

USB-Serial Convertor with USB extension cable (this works with Windows 10 and 11 using CH340 drivers)

Using JimStim, all test-able inputs are read properly via TunerStudio. Everything will be included as a pseudo-kit for you to finish where I left off.
Ive changed the direction on my build, and this is no longer in the plans. This has never run an engine, and has never been installed in a car. Only bench tested with JimStim - PWM circuit never tested.

I picked this stuff up used years ago, forgot about it, rediscovered it, and then decided its not a good fit for my project.

Sold As Is with no warranty. Continental United States shipping (buyer pays shipping), or local pickup. Located Near Saint Louis, Missouri, US
Paypal Accepted.

Auto Parts: Electronics
Vehicle Make: Ford