Summit Racing Ignition CDI Ignition Box

This is a Never Installed, Condition New CDI ignition box.
Summit Part Number SUM-850604

I bought this maybe 15 years ago, never used it, and just found it in storage - I wont be using it.

This part was purchased when Summit Racing was using re-branded Mallory boxes. I believe this was a Mallory HyFire VI 685

Summit Directions:

Mallory Directions:

You can see the similarities.

This has never been mounted. The cardboard box it came in is a little banged up from storage, but the contents are all basically new. You cant see in the pics, but some of the wiring was wrapped with a rubber band that degraded over time, and is stuck to the wiring, but I was able to pick it off easily.

As per documentation, this is capable of higher-end features like boost retard with the included MAP sensor.

I am also open to offers as well, and I do have this posted on other sites. I have Paypal as well

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