2005-2010 Scion TC GodSpeed Rear Adjustable Camber Arms

Front adjustment range : +/- 4 degrees of camberRear adjustment range : +/- 5 degrees of camber
greaseble bushing

Lowering a vehicle will often take it out of OEM alignment specification. A large majority of OEM suspension components do not have any camber adjustment. An out of spec alignment can cause poor handling characteristics and even premature uneven tire wear.

Designed for the Scion TC , this kit will help your lowered car not only drive better, but your tires will last much longer as well. Godspeed s Camber Kits are designed to be reliable for daily driving yet strong enough for high performance and race use.

100% Completely bolt on^40% stiffer then stock^30% lighter but still stronger than stock arms (3/4" thick)^Improve cornering / handling by being able to have the correct camber^Polyurethane bushing^CNC billet 6061 aircraft aluminum^Works great for lowered cars / wider tires / wider wheels

Auto Parts: Suspension
Vehicle Make: Toyota