Foxbody/SN95 Hybrid Steering Shaft

Selling a Foxbody/SN95 hybrid steering shaft upgrade. This junkyard rebuild part allows a Foxbody: Mustang, Capri, LTD, or Mercury Zephyr to upgrade to a 1994-2004 steering rack. Will fit in the stock configuration for the steering column and the steering rack.

Review the pricing options below and let me know if you will be providing a core before submitting your payment.

If you ship me your steering shaft core (upper section of shaft noted in picture) and I will pair it with a SN95 lower shaft that I supply. The price for this scenario is $70 plus $30 shipping.

When donor part availability allows, I can ship a shaft for $100 plus $30 shipping without a core.

Your steering wheel will be positioned correctly and not be off by 90 degrees, though you may need some small adjustments to your tie rod ends.

Check out the Maximum Motorsport weblink for related information -

At $70 the part is a fraction of a Flaming River or Maximum Motorsports part ($250 - $350).

Auto Parts: Suspension
Vehicle Make: Ford