Hey everyone! I own a 88 fox that I’m currently working on right now. Owned it for about 6 years and eventually going to pass it down to my son.

Bbk shorty headers
Magnaflow dumps
Steeda short shifter
Stage 2 clutch
70mm TB
Smog delete
Air conditioning delete
Bbk under drive pullies
Pro comp harmonic balancer
Tubular trans crossmember

Soon.. gt40 intake,heads,cam and maf conversion

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Injectors on the way my man. Once again.. Thx for messing with the dog

Junkyard Dogg about listing EV6 Injectors 5 years ago.

Good transaction man. It was kinda wonky around the holidays but we got it done

Junkyard Dogg about listing 87-93 GT40 5.0 Explorer Intake 5 years ago.