Foxbody/SN95 Cobra Rear Disc Calipers

Selling a pair of Foxbody/SN95 Rear Disc Brake Cobra Style Calipers $150.00.

The Cobra style calipers feature a 43mm caliper piston verses a 38mm. Each caliper has been rebuilt with new internal O-rings and caliper piston dust shield. The calipers also feature the solid Cobra caliper mounting bracket tying the caliper to the axle flange and brake pads.

The Taurus/Sable 43mm piston caliper is a junkyard hack utilized by drifters. A 43mm piston caliper will provide a better brake bias for a Foxbody using 1987-93 front spindles with SVO 73mm front calipers.

These are all factory Ford parts. The calipers will mount on 7.5 and 8.8 inch axles. Will work with 4 or 5 lug axles. Can be used with SN95 V6/GT 10.5" rotors or Cobra 11.65" rotors. The rear rotor dimension is determined by the axle flange bracket you have, or are planning to use.

Check out the following link for some excellent guidance on a rear disc conversion.

I run this exact setup on a 1986 5.0 Mercury Capri with rebuilt Taurus/Sable calipers and SN95 rotors drilled for a 4 lug pattern and aligned with a hub centric ring.

Similar parts sold through LMR retail for more than $350.00 with 38mm calipers only.

Auto Parts: Brakes System
Vehicle Make: Ford